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If a football team parks the bus, it defends without

trying to attack, with almost all of the players on the

team staying deep inside their own half of the pitch.

In other Apple news, the company just patented

designs for a dual-screen Macbook. Essentially

creating objects that looks like it is actually in 3D for

a really trippy perspective, Norrby says that he

submitted the application to Apple for a review but

has not yet been approved.

On November 15, 2011, Trippy announced its first

round of seed funding, equaling $1.75M, 8 co-led by

Sequoia Capital and True Ventures. After debuting a

private beta in September 2011 6 as a Battlefield

Finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt, Trippy launched the

open beta of its friend-sourced solution for travel

content in October 2011. Users can then add places

they're considering so that friends can comment on

the itinerary, offering feedback in Facebook-style

comment feeds.

Like love and sunsets, Musgraves' new video

captures the moments of a broken relationship in

fuzzy shades of color. The sister duo's song and

dance-filled video is an uplifting and life-affirming

ballad for challenging times. Sign in to add this video

to a playlist.

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Kid: Man, that Gantz Graf DVD is trippy! I suppose

trippy is a very subjective word.

There should be a law against kids throwing the word

"trippy" around like candy, except that it's not like

millions of americans follow every single law anyway,

felonies be damned. Acid, shrooms, salvia , maybe

even skunk weed (hey you smoke enough of that...).

Can be used in reference to sights such as one would

see (patterns, fractals , M.C Escher , Robert Crumb

cartoons), music that evokes feelings of trippin', even

heady thoughts similar to ones one would think of

while tripping. Reminiscent of something one would

experience on a trip on a psychedelic substance.

Those yellow fractals in the air are pretty trippy..."

You can add location information to your Tweets,

such as your city or precise location, from the web

and via third-party applications. Many are trippy,

dizzy-making affairs that could pass for screensavers.

Trippy, echoing sound effects give A Brain In A Bottle”

a sense of fullness and dimension—as they do for

Guess Again!” The results, as you can plainly see, are

as trippy as they are webby. Examples from the Web

for trippy.

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