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And syncing with Facebook makes it simple to find

the friends you need to make your trip a success.

Trippy is still missing some key features (e.g. the

ability to plan multi-city trips), but it provides a nice

hub for planning trips. I decided to test out Trippy by

asking my friends to help me plan my upcoming trip

to London. In addition, any friends on Trippy will see

that you recently created a trip and are looking for


Trippy prompts you to send them a message to

those friends, asking for their help. The system

provides a list of Facebook friends that likely have

knowledge of the city you're visiting. Once done,

Trippy's Facebook integration takes care of the rest.

Quick Pitch: Trippy lets your friends plan your trip,

helping you more closely tailor your travel plans to

your wants and desires. Katrin Preller and her

colleagues at the University of Zurich, Switzerland,

gave 22 volunteers 100 micrograms of LSD each to

determine the role of the serotonin 2A receptor,

which is similar to the one studied by Wacker's team.

Images revealing how LSD interacts with receptors in

the brain could explain why a trip lasts so long, while

another study involving a similar receptor unpicks

how the drug makes these experiences feel


How LSD affects the brain and creates its trippy

effect. Trippy is also on Twitter and Facebook. Trippy

films that will take you down the Roger Rabbit hole.

This is a trippy Instagram video created by Benjamin

Bardou of a stroll down a Parisian side-street that's

been augmented with glitchy compression artifacts

and lidar effects (an object detection system that

works like radar except using laser light instead of

radio waves). Edgar Wright's video game-inspired

romantic adventure is by far the director's trippiest

film, and arguably his most fun. Amazon's competing

anthology series to Netflix's Black Mirror adapts 10 of

Philip K. Dick's sci-fi stories for the small screen, and

they are plenty trippy.

Amazon is a treasure trove of trippy schlock films. I

have provided an ipython notebook which shows

most of the functionality of the trippy package

including PSF/TSF generation, photometry, and

source fitting and removal. So, it's definitely trippy —

and absolutely worth a read if you love Kafka-like


This extremely trippy book definitely has a Kafka-

esque twist thanks to the inclusion of talking cats,

spirits that come out of peoples' bodies to kill, and

rainfalls of fish. Love to get high and flip through

good books? For those unfamiliar, Trippy is a social

travel web and mobile app that operates on the

assumption that travel recommendations are best

served on a silver, friends.

Trippy, the social travel planner which first debuted

back at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2011, is shifting away

from the friends-only model with the official launch

of a new Q&A-focused traveling plan. We Trippy is a

sparkling linear holographic top coat. Trippy Chill

songs by Alt-J, Years & Years, Flume, RY X, Foals,

Alpine, M83, Lapsley, The XX, Lykke Li, Best Coast,

Active Child, Shallou, Milo Greene... Just you, YOU

alone, and music.

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