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Once dependencies are installed, trippy can be

installed with a simple pip invocation. TRIPPy

depends on a few separate, equally useful python


Citation: If you use TRIPPy in your science works,

please cite Fraser, W. et al., 2016, To appear in AJ.

DOI at Zenodo: TRIPPy: Python based Trailed Source

Photometry (submitted to the Astrophysical Journal)

Once you start reading these stories, you can't go

back to normal books.

As of right now, it's one of the greatest books ever

written by a stoned author.. and it's a must-read for

anyone who wants to dig stoner culture. This is one

of those books that showed people that drugs can be

fun — or downright scary. You already know this

story, so why are we telling you why it's trippy?

Surreal but not necessarily psychedelic, Kafka on the

Shore is one of those new classics that tends to pull

you into a world where anything can happen, and

leaves you feeling amazing once you put the book

down. Hystopia has regularly been called a "dark acid

trip" book by critics, and frankly, we'll agree to that

wholeheartedly. The book is actually two books in


On the other hand, the right book also really opens

your mind to possibilities when you take it all in.

Trippy is in the lower 50% of commonly used words

in the Collins dictionary. Of, relating to, or suggestive

of a trip induced by a psychedelic drug.

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After wondering what to do with myself for my last

day in Auckland before my flight home I saw about

Trippy. Overall a great experience that I would do

again with Trippy.

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Trippy Jump is an simple platformer game. Sign in to

see reasons why you may or may not like this based

on your games, friends, and curators you follow.

2017 has been a very busy year for Trippy Turtle,

especially in contrast to the lower output of the last

few years. Following years of touring the globe

alongside the FoFoFadi animals, Trippy has acquired

a fanbase that extends from North America to Asia.

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Trippy is constructed so you can relax in a

comfortable society. Welcome to Trippy "Happiness

served in a cup of Trippy" Trippy provides you with

delightful service, in our society with our diligent

employees that work everyday. The TRIPPy software

package also includes a new technique to generate

accurate model point-spread functions (PSF) and

trailed point-spread functions (TSF) from stationary

background sources in sidereally tracked images.

TRIPPy introduces the pill aperture, which is the

natural extension of the circular aperture

appropriate for linearly trailed sources. Title: TRIPPy:

Trailed Image Photometry in Python. Nigeria: Soccer

fans have been buzzing for weeks about the shirts, to

the delight of supplier Nike but not so much among

folks back home who consider the $85 price tag out

of reach The away shirts are a screeching bright

green, white and black with trippy jagged edging on a

chevron pattern that may just be the World Cup's

shining Rorschach moment, along with an ode to the

country's style and pop culture energy.

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