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Trippy does Torchy's one better with its namesake

taco. What do you think of Trippy? Sending a

message to just a few friends can seed it with

interesting content and help you get your trips off

the ground.

Creating the trip was easy (though the system

thought I was visiting London, Canada initially), but I

didn't get the instant responses I'm used to seeing

from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Trippy founder and CEO J.R. Johnson says that the

company's big advantage is its harnessing of the

social graph. You then choose the type of trip you're

taking (business or pleasure?) and the locations you

know you want to visit, and asks you to write a brief

description of what you want to accomplish.

Trippy believes there is a better approach to planning

trips, and it revolves around friend

recommendations and the social graph. You

probably go to Google and search about the location

you're visiting. A second study finds evidence that

LSD affect the brain by binding to serotonin

receptors, and hints at possible ways to harness

some of its effects therapeutically.

There are also signs that LSD has helpful non-

psychoactive effects on other ailments, such as

cluster headaches. But if Wacker is right, the fact that

LSD seems to get stuck inside the receptor might

mean it can have effects at very low doses. Scientists

have feted the healing powers of psychedelic drugs

many times, but can they ever deliver on the hype?

Other studies have shown that LSD hangs around in

the blood for a long time. It takes LSD very long to

get into the receptor, and once it's stuck it doesn't go

away,” says Wacker. They discovered that part of this

serotonin 2B receptor acts as a lid, closing around

the LSD molecule and trapping it.

Daniel Wacker and his colleagues at the University of

North Carolina, Chapel Hill, used crystallography to

look at the structure of LSD when it binds to a

receptor in the brain that normally detects serotonin.

LSD acts on with a number of different receptors in

the brain, including ones for the chemicals serotonin

and dopamine, but it's not known exactly which

receptors are responsible for its various effects.

There's a part of every good trip where your mind

unloads all the insecurities you carry all day long,

and suddenly you're this glowing, bouncy flower ball

of playfulness and imagination, just like Pee-Wee


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