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Meaning of clock 1 : a gadget other than a look for showing or estimating time generally by methods for hands proceeding onward a dial; comprehensively : any intermittent framework by which time is estimated 2 : an enrolling gadget for the most part with a dial; particularly : odometer 3 : time clock 4 : a synchronizing gadget (as in a PC) that produces beats at customary interims 5 : organic clock — with time as the opponent 1 : with or inside a period limitation conflicting with the clock 2 : with timed speed as opposed to the request of complete as the rule for situation preliminary races with time as the opponent — all day and all night or less normally round the clock 1 : constantly for 24 hours : day and night without end 2 : without unwinding and inconsiderate of time — execute the check or run out the clock : to go through however much as could be expected of the playing time staying in an amusement, (for example, football) while holding ownership of the ball or puck particularly to ensure a lead mechanical or electrical gadget for estimating time, demonstrating hours, minutes, and once in a while seconds by hands on a round dial or by showed figures. 'the congregation clock struck four' as modifier 'a clock confront' More case sentencesSynonyms 1.1the clock Time taken as a factor in an action, particularly in aggressive games. 'this stage is played with time as the opponent' More illustration sentences 1.2informal An estimating gadget, for example, a speedometer, taximeter, or milometer. 'an auto with more than 82,000 miles on the clock' More illustration sentencesSynonyms 1.3Computing An electronic gadget used to start and synchronize inward tasks. Illustration sentences 2British A fleece circular seed head, particularly that of a dandelion. Illustration sentences 3British casual A man's face. 'I thought I perceived your clock' VERB [WITH OBJECT] 1Attain or enlist (a predefined time, separation, or speed) 'Thomas has timed up forty years benefit' no question 'this is a liberal CD, checking in at over a hour's More illustration sentencesSynonyms 1.1 Achieve (a triumph) 'he timed up his first win of the year' More case sentences 1.2 Record as achieving a predefined time or rate. 'the pinnacle administrators timed a blast at 185 mph' More illustration sentences 2British casual Notice or watch. 'I saw him checking her in the mirror' More case sentencesSynonyms 3British casual Hit (somebody), particularly on the head. 'somebody timed him for reasons unknown' More case sentences 4British casual Wind back the milometer of (an auto) illicitly with a specific end goal to influence the vehicle to seem to have voyage less miles than it truly has. 'be careful with drivers who clock their auto before offering it' 'they had sold timed vehicles'

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